Tips for trips, sports activities, spas and interesting places near Skalka and the town of Prostejov and the surrounding area. Are you going to visit town of Tovačov or Olomouc? We have a few tips for you.

Plumlov z†mek2

Plumlov dam and castle

Distance 16 km

The dam is one of the oldest in the Czech Republic. In the vicinity is possible to visit the Low Plumlov Castle, which is right next to the High. There are views of the Podhradský pond and the dam. In the area near to castle there are also the remains of the medieval castle Plumlov. A walk around the Plumlov dam is very nice.

Velkž Kos°ż 1

Velký Kosíř

Distance 22 km

Velký Kosíř is visible from all sides and attracts to climb to the top. It is nicknamed the „Haná Mont Blanc“ for its location on the flat Haná landscape. An educational trail leads to it and there is a lookout tower at the top of the hill.

¨echy pod Kos°żem 2

Castle in Čechy pod Kosířem

Distance 21 km

It is a classicist building in a romantically tuned park. Known for the frequent stays of the painter Josef Mánes. The largest collection of his paintings presented to the public in the Czech Republic is incorporated in the castle interiors. The whole complex of the park and the castle is a cultural monument.

¨ech pK muzeum koü†rÖ 2

Museum of Carriages Čechy pod Kosířem

Distance 21 km

The largest museum of historical carriages in the Czech Republic shows in detail the history of carriages, their accessories and restoration. In the collections you will find an archbishop’s carriage, but also a mourning gallery of documents, printed matter and plans.

Kromōż°ß Arcibiskupskž z†mek3

Castle Kroměříž

Distance 25 km

The Archbishop’s Castle is one of the most important cultural monuments in Moravia from the Baroque period. In 1998, the chateau and chateau gardens were ceremoniously inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.

Tovaüov 6


Distance 11 km

When you go from Prostějov to Přerov, you will see a huge slender tower from faraway. It belongs to the Tovačov chateau, is called Spanilá and measures 96 meters. Below it, in the heart of the flat Haná and at the confluence of the Morava and Bečva rivers, lies the town of Tovačov, surrounded by ponds and floodplain forests. Tovačov Castle is a very valuable monument. It owes its appearance mainly to two important families that owned it from the 14th to the 16th century: the Tovačov family from Cimburk and the lords of Pernštejn.



Distance 10 km

An elegant city of poetic festivals with a castle, several churches and two town halls: the old renaissance and the new with an astronomical clock and a 66 meter high tower – this is Prostějov. Thanks to its location in the plains of Haná, it is ideal for cycling; you can easily get to the recreational area at Plumlov dam.

Otaslavice koupac° biotop


Distance 11 km

Natural bathing biotope.

Drysice zatopenž lom 1

Drysice – flooded quarry.

Distance 15 km

The flooded former quarry is currently used mainly by divers. Scenes of the series Četnické humoresky or the fairy tale Za humny je drak were also filmed here.

Vyhl°dkov† ploÁina Dobrochov1

Dobrochov – sightseeing platform

Distance 9 km

Iron viewing platform with a spiral staircase. It was built as a reminder of 100 years since the founding of Czechoslovakia.

Han†ckā stezky3

Hana trails

Distance 16 km

One-way off-road trails for mountain bikes, suitable for beginners and experienced cyclists. It consists of an XC circuit, a blue and red trail with a total length of 4 km. They were opened in May 2021.

Z†mōk N†mōÁú na Hanā 1

Náměšť na Hané

Distance 27 km

The castle was built by Count Ferdinand Bonaventure Harrach in the years 1760-1763. The most beautiful interiors of the chateau are the Red and Golden Lounges and the Library. From the equipment, visitors are attracted by the magnificent carriages from the collections of the Archbishopric of Olomouc. The castle is surrounded by a circular park with a linden alley.

DinoPark 3

DinoPark Vyškov

Distance 23 km

DinoPark Vyškov is located in a picturesque forest park on the side of Vyškov. Dozens of life-size models, 4D Cinema with panoramic film, the absolutely unique DinoBike cable car, which will allow you to see DinoPark from a bird’s eye view.



Distance 26 km

Olomouc has always been one of the most important royal cities in the Czech lands. Thanks to its convenient location, ancient university, spiritual, cultural and craft traditions, it has been the natural center of Moravia for many centuries, attracting artists, scholars and businessmen.

Svatž Kopeüek 1

Pilgrimage site Svatý Kopeček

Distance 30 km

The Basilica of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary is located on Svatý Kopeček, about 5 km northeast of Olomouc. By far, this architectural gem attracts with its bold structure towering into the landscape on the hill above Olomouc and as if showing the direction to those who are looking for the One who knows all our joys and sorrows.

ZOO Svatž Kopeüek 1

ZOO Svatý Kopeček

Distance 31 km

The zoo keeps more than 1700 animals in 350 species. The zoo offers the possibility of visiting rare species of animals in five pavilions and many other enclosures and exhibitions, a sightseeing train ride or a 32 m high observation tower, which no other zoo has. The next stages of the construction of a large safari continue in the zoo. A rarity is the giant shark aquarium – the largest of its kind in our country.


The spa offers healing procedures, baths, massages, sauna, wraps, individual exercises.

The spa offer classic, bubble and herbal baths. The most required is a massage of hands, but also an underwater and point whirlpool massage. Popular procedure is the Skalka massage, which has a beneficial effect on the whole body and helps to relax the musculoskeletal system. Popular is also manual lymphatic massage, which helps against swelling and chronic fatigue and relieves cellulite symptoms.

For relaxation and pleasure is possible to visit the sauna or use the spa park and forest park with natural lakes for walks and rest.

Healing springs

The chemical composition of the local alkaline-sulfur waters is unique, the sylvin contained cannot be offered by any Czech spa, it is only found in Italy and Austria. Water from mineral springs is used for drinking barks and is the main part of all hydrotherapy procedures offered in the spa, which help in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, rheumatic diseases, especially degenerative diseases – osteoarthritis.

Spring Svatopluk

It helps with hyperacidity and stomach diseases and ulcers of the stomach and duodenum.

Spring Cyril a Metoděj

It benefits in inflammatory bowel disease and has a positive effect on liver function, especially in incipient cirrhosis. These two springs are drilled and were declared by Decree of the Ministry of Health No. 290/1998 Coll. for natural healing resources.

Spring Jan

It is a natural spring, it helps in the treatment of high blood pressure and inflammatory diseases of the bronchi.

Spring Jůlinka

It is a natural spring, has a diuretic effect and is suitable for inflammatory conditions of the kidneys, some functional disorders of the kidneys and for the formation of urinary sand and stones. It also benefits patients with diabetes.


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